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Frequently Asked Questions about resuming in-person proceedings

The BIIA offers parties the opportunity to participate in proceedings held remotely, in-person, or as a hybrid event. Starting November 1, 2022, in-person proceedings may be held at all BIIA facilities.

What do these terms mean?
  • Remote: all participants appear by Zoom or telephone.
  • In-person: all participants appear in person in a hearing room.
  • Hybrid: some participants appear in person in a hearing room with the judge and others appear remotely.
Where can I schedule an in-person or hybrid proceeding?

At this time, the following BIIA facilities can accommodate in-person or hybrid proceedings: Everett, Seattle, Lakewood, Olympia, Yakima, Spokane, and Richland. Unfortunately, we cannot hold video hybrid proceedings in Moses Lake or Vancouver, only telephone hybrid proceedings. Please express your desired method of hearing at your scheduling conference. However, we still need to schedule timely hearings. If we do not have a hearing room available, the judge will hold your proceeding by either Zoom or telephone.

Proceedings at non-BIIA sites.

Historically, the BIIA held proceedings in every county in Washington. Sometimes, these proceedings were held in facilities not controlled by the BIIA. If you request an in-person hearing in a county where we don't have an office, we will try to accommodate your request. However, facilities previously used may no longer be available. As a result, you may be asked to either (1) waive venue to allow us to schedule your hearing at a BIIA office or (2) agree to a telephonic or video hearing. We do not offer hybrid hearings in non-BIIA facilities.

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